At Harpeth Consulting, we believe innovation happens at the intersection of business processes, technology, and people.  In our pursuit of innovation, we've developed a suite of technology-based solutions that are robust, yet flexible, and support our clients in integrating disparate business processes and personnel through the use of technology.  These are solutions that have incorporated the breadth and depth of our industry expertise, yet are fully customizable to each client's unique needs.

Accountable Care Organization (ACO)
Readiness Assessment & Strategy Execution
powered by OnFocus™

Our web-based solution, built in OnFocus™, provides the framework for healthcare organizations to develop an enterprise-wide ACO strategy that incorporates both financial and operational outcomes.  This strategy is then broken-down into smaller, manageable pieces and cascaded out to all business units. The leadership team is then able to track the key performance indicators and metrics to make sure the objectives are met through an easy-to-use interface and dashboard.

Managed Care Infrastructure Development & Improvement

This solution merges Harpeth's Strategic Alignment & Implementation Tool with industry-leading expertise in managed care contracting.  The result is a web-based process capturing best practices within the industry, with the convenient customization to fit the nuances of your organization.  From developing policies & procedures to the selection of managed care technology, to developing a contracting strategy, to staffing a managed care department, our tool ensures the proper creation of the new managed care unit or improvement of an existing team.

[read our whitepaper on Managed Care Technology: An Untapped Resource for Operations Improvement, Contract Compliance & Increased Revenue]

Decision Support Tool for Veterans Administration
powered by OnFocus™

Developed in conjunction with VA Hospitals, Harpeth Consulting has created an online decision support tool that reduces the administrative burden at VA Hospitals. Based on best practices gleaned from a collaborative effort between Harpeth and the VA, this tool walks users through a set of questions that act as a filter and stop-gate.  Routine questions can be answered without escalation, and issues requiring escalation will arrive to decision-makers with all the necessary information, saving time for all parties involved. The results rollup into a dashboard so that the leadership team can easily track performance metrics.
[whitepaper coming soon]

Nursing Staff Outsourcing Assessment

In conjunction with HCCA International, Harpeth leverages technology to walk management through a process of assessing organizational readiness and need for nursing staff outsourcing.  With the expert guidance of Harpeth Consulting, this software allows managers to understand the financial and qualitative impacts of outsourced nursing staffing, and will help develop a plan to integrate outsource nursing staff into the organization.
[whitepaper coming soon]