Harpeth Consulting has a number of strategic partnerships to bring a full suite of solutions to our clients.

"Big Four Audit Firm" - Harpeth has a strategic partnership with a global 'Big Four' audit and accountancy firm, leveraging our expertise and their resources to deliver custom solutions for each unique customer.

onFocus Healthcare™ - This technology allows us to take our clients beyond business intelligence, dashboards and status reporting.  With onFocus™our clients can develop dynamic plans to accomplish essential financial, clinical and operational objectives and connect those plans to specific goals, accountable leaders and key performance indicators. The result? Superior execution, improved outcomes and organizational success.

NContracts® - Our clients can leverage web-based contract management application designed to manage all of the terms of the agreements for your healthcare organization.  Ncontracts MED® enables you to track the terms of all of your vendor agreements including managed care agreements, allowing your healthcare organization to analyze and evaluate overall contract performance, contractual terms, and enhance financial profitability.